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RemotePC® (Remote Desktop) for healthcare professionals

RemotePC's remote desktop enables remote working and virtual patient care in the healthcare industry

RemotePC offers secure and convenient remote access for doctors, nurses, tech support, to provide efficient healthcare for the patients without the need to travel

  • Remote access for doctors and nurses
    Virtually connect to patients, conduct examinations, and provide real-time diagnosis using RemotePC Meeting. Monitor medical devices and access patient’s medical records remotely, without compromising data security.
  • Remote access for tech support
    Provide attended remote assistance to the healthcare professionals with RemotePC HelpDesk. Assist healthcare professionals in maintenance of medical devices and instruments, or guide them in installation and troubleshooting.
  • Remote access for lab technicians
    Remote into your lab computer to securely access your research materials, pathological findings, diagnostic reports, or use software. Transfer files securely to exchange diagnostic information with doctors and patients.
  • Remote collaboration for healthcare fraternity
    Collaborate with your associate doctors over face-to-face online meetings. Attend conferences and webinars, interact with researchers and medical professionals across the globe, to devise effective treatment plans.

Remote medicine and e-learning in a remote healthcare setting

RemotePC remote desktop access solution for an improved healthcare experience

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