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Remote access for desktops from another computer, Android, iOS device, or Chromebooks

What is Remote Access?

Remote access solutions like RemotePC make it possible to access your office or home computer from anywhere, with Internet connectivity. Once you have established a remote connection, you can see the remote desktop as it is when you use it in person.

With remote access configured on your computers, you can log in to your desktop to access files, use applications from anywhere. Play media files, print documents, transfer files to and from the computer, phone, or tablet you are remotely accessing from. This is helpful for telecommuters, individuals who work from home, or in situations like the current pandemic where many are unable to travel to work.

Remote Access - A VPN alternative

Remote Access

What do you do when you are physically far away from the office but need to urgently access corporate applications or files? VPN access to your office resources helps in remote work but VPN access over a public WiFi network poses its own set of challenges.

RemotePC provides a quick, secure, and easy alternative to VPN. Your remote desktop is just a few clicks away; work productively from anywhere, any device over any network. TLS v 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption ensures secure communication.

Connect from anywhere - manage work emergencies with remote access

RemotePC's cross-platform compatible solution ensures your desktop files are within easy reach. With your remote desktop easily accessible from anywhere you can deal with workplace emergencies effectively.

If you do not have your laptop nearby the RemotePC apps for iOS and Android let you reach your work computer from your mobile device or tablet. Work seamlessly with multiple monitors, engage in brainstorming sessions over the whiteboard, access and print documents from your remote desktop on your home printer. Unexpected issues will crop up but RemotePC lets you tackle them with ease.

Remote Access

The Remote Access Solution

RemotePC provides secure remote access with a user-friendly interface, handy features at a competitive price.

Setting up remote desktop access with RemotePC is easy:

  • Download and install RemotePC application on the computer you need remote access to.
  • Login and click 'Configure Now'.
  • Edit your computer name and set the Personal Key – a unique access code for added security.
  • Install RemotePC on the computer or mobile device you wish to remote from.
  • Select the remote computer name from your computer list and connect. You can also login to your account via web and access a remote desktop.

Remote access features for effective remote work, remote support, and remote learning

RemotePC for instant and secure remote access and remote support

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