Why RemotePC® is better: RemotePC® GoToMyPC
    Why RemotePC® is better: RemotePC® GoToMyPC
    PCMag Editor's Choice
    "RemotePC is affordable but does't skimp on quality"
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    PCMag Editor's Choice

    4 Out of 52022

    3 Out of 5 2022
    PC World Editor's Choice
    "RemotePC by IDrive review: The big dog of remote desktop and backup"
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    4.5 Out of 52022

    4 Out of 5 2022
    ITPro Editor's Choice
    "Simple, secure and effective cloud-hosted remote support."
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    5 Out of 52020
    Pricing RemotePC SOHO Plan
    for 10 computers

    $99.50/year $74.62 First year

    $10.00/year $7.50 First year

    $199.00 $149.25 For 2 years

    $20.00 $15.00 For 2 years

    GoToMyPC Solo Plan
    starts at
    $420.00 for 1 computer
    per year
    Performance right
    Provides near-real-time response at most locations
    Slower than RemotePC #
    Online meetings and video conferences right
    RemotePC® Meeting provides powerful video conferencing tools to host and attend meetings from anywhere video sharing
    No option for online meetings
    Access via web right
    Use Viewer Lite to connect to remote computers from right within a browser, with no software installation
    Software installation is required for access via web
    File transfer without connecting right
    Transfer files with remote computer without initiating remote session
    Can only transfer files during remote session
    Record remote sessions right
    Record the remote sessions and save it at a desired location on your local computer
    No option to record remote sessions
    Encryption right
    Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / 256-bit AES encryption
    Supports 128-bit AES encryption

    Get 90%*OFF on RemotePC Consumer/SOHO plan

    * The 90% offer is applicable for the first year only. You need to provide proof of your GoToMyPC account.

    # Performance results are based on feedback from internal tests and professional reviews.